I absolutely recommend Trish.

I've worked with Trisha twice, actually, and both times she was great. In both instances where I used her services I ended up receiving a job offer; including one from my current employer. She really took the time to fully understand what it was that I wanted. She listened to what I had to say, asked probing questions when necessary to ensure her understanding of what I was asking for, and of my previous work experiences.

Overall, I'd say the experience was a rewarding one. She delivered what I wanted and did so in a timely fashion. But what surprised me most was how personal it felt. Trish seems to genuinely care about her work. I looked into a few different resume writers, but I didn't get the personal feeling that I did from Trish. It seemed to be more of a numbers game for them, where as with Trish, I felt like I was her most important client. That was very refreshing and ultimately, that's what made me decide to go with her. And I'm happy that I did. 

Michelle C

I was extremely happy with Trisha. She turned my conventional resume into a very professional looking product which images on a much higher level than my WordPerfect template one ever did. Her turnaround time is really quick. In fact, as I need updates to my cv I can expect them back within 24 hours since I do post my resume on my website. 

Toni R

I received an email about HEResume and instantly knew it was something I needed to do. I am a recent college grad with a physical education and health teaching degree. As we all know there are thousands of people out there just like me and I needed something to make my cover letter and resume stand out from the very large crowd and Trisha and her team were able to do it…in just two days! They took my average sounding resume and cover letter and made me sound unique! Trisha was also able to take all my experience (5 pages worth) and make it short and sweet without leaving anything out! (And that is something I have been trying to do on my own for two years now) I now have some extra confidence when sending them out. Thank you Trisha and HEResume! 

Dana K.

You had me at “HEResume!” Since I contacted this outstanding company to help me with my resume, I have already received two interviews! They were able to take my information and add eloquence and ingenuity to transform it from good to great. The talented associates obviously have the experience needed to help women get into the workforce. I would highly recommend this company, but only if you want to get a job right away! 

Lauren A.

You are probably not going to believe this, but after sending out the very first HEResume, I got the position! Truly, I could not believe it myself. I had created my own resume and was getting no responses. It was then that I decided to seek professional resume assistance. Being a homemaker for the last 24 years left me at a disadvantage. Because I was out of the career world for so long, I felt I needed assistance. HEResume was very professional and quick to respond to my needs. They know how to make your resume stand out. 

Thank you, HEResume

Mary T.

Dear HEResume, From the moment I heard about your company and saw your clever, women-centered name, I knew I had to check you out. I was so impressed with the level of professionalism, personal attention and timely service. During my job search, I became really frustrated at the competitive market and knew I needed to amp up my resume to stand out amongst the hundreds of other applicants. I was blown away by the resume you produced for me; it was different than the various resume styles I have tried or seen myself and took the stress out of my hands. I got my first, real job lead within weeks of sending my new resume to employers and am hopeful for the outcome. I feel more confident and proud to present my new resume, and you saved me hours of resume creating frustration! 

Thank you – girl power!

Lindsay R.

I have to say Trisha, you've done a terrific job with my resume. It's a million times better than the one I made for myself and used before. Thanks to this resume, I've finally landed the job I was after. Thanks a lot! 

Elizabeth M.

I'm so happy I found your service online and chose to go with your company. I'm totally satisfied by the outstanding work you've done. 

Sofie D.

The resume you made for me is fantastic! It's fabulous! You've delivered beyond my expectations. Thank you Trisha, for a superb resume. 

Cheryl S.

I want to start by telling you that you outdid yourself in capturing and prominently displaying my experience as an executive. You've delivered A-1 quality! I've never in my life seen a document that so accurately yet briefly sums up my professional qualifications and skills. HEResume was not only a great find—it was a great investment! 

Danielle M.

Thank you so much for the wonderful way in which you transformed my resume. I'm highly satisfied with your style of writing, the suggestions you made about layout and above all the promptness with which you delivered this product. My field is highly competitive I needed a resume which is brief, yet powerful and professional. 

MaryAnn B.

When it came time for me to finally put together a resume as a senior in college, I didn’t even know where to start. I turned to Trisha at HEResume and she GREATLY decreased my stress and anxiety! When it came time to filling out applications, I was very confident submitting my resume and cover letter to multiple different hospitals.

HEResume created a perfectly constructed resume that showed off my greatest accomplishments and outlined my skills beautifully. I was blown away when I was given the opportunity to interview for my dream job in another state, and two weeks later I was hired! I know with certainty that I wouldn’t have been given this opportunity if it weren’t for the help and guidance I received from Trisha. I look forward to using HEResume again in the future, and for now I am looking forward to enjoying my dream job!

I appreciate the work. You did a great job. 

Katherine H.

Trisha was awesome to work with! After researching several firms, I am glad I picked HEResume because Trisha totally delivered. What would have taken me months to accomplish Trisha provided within a week. My new resume has gotten really good response. Thanks! 

Kelly B.

I would highly recommend Trisha for anybody who is looking to create, re-write or simply re-fresh their resume. She is highly skilled and prepared a great resume for me. In a very short amount of time, she was able to identify my most marketable skills and interests and then draft a resume that very concisely, neatly and effectively summarized those skills and interests. If you are looking for somebody to help you with your resume, do not hesitate to call her. 

Michelle I.

HEResume is a top of the line resume service! The principal and business owner Patricia really knows her stuff as is clearly evidenced by the final product of the resumes she makes for this ecstatic client. Nobody is better at resume building in the business…. and she is knowledgeable, efficient and east to talk to. 

Jamie R.

Thank you. Looks great.

I appreciate the work. You did a great job. 

Stephanie W.

I used HEResume resume service right before I graduated with my Masters. Trisha is extremely talented when it comes to resumes and cover letters. She took what I already had and made a masterpiece with it. She consulted with me both as she worked on my documents as well as after they were completed to make sure they were exactly to my liking. She was open to changes I suggested and was very patient with me as I reviewed and made these changes. Trisha was even able to assist me with making some 'tweaks' to my resume after I had graduated and procured a new job and membership within a professional organization. Trisha exceeded my expectations; and as I prepare to relocate across the country, I have already begun to receive requests for interviews. I am eager to see all the opportunities my professional resume and cover letter will bring about. Thanks, Trisha! 

Kiara L.

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